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Friday, April 01, 2005

Bush's Social Security 'plan' is margin investing for retirement

I don't fully understand Bush's "plan" . . . because Bush refuses to disclose any detailed plan! That's right, Bush is trying to sell us something without telling what it is . . . that's pretty dishonest, IMHO. Of course, this is the guy that said he would not use American troops for nation building and that

But, from what I understand of Bush's social security 'plan' is that he wants to borrow *trillions* of dollars, put that money into private accounts and then invest that money into the stock market. But who has to pay back those trillions of dollars? Well us Americans, the very same ones who are getting those private accounts. So, Bush’s big social security plan is to have us borrow money and then invest that money. There is a term for doing that; it is called investing on margin.

Investing on margin is a risky strategy. It allows one to leverage their investment such that if they make money, they'll make more money than they normally would. However, if you lose money, you lose more money that you normally would. I've invested on margin occasionally . . . but a lot of people would never do it because of the risk (and these are people that accept the risk of investing in the stock market). But ask any financial person if investing on margin for retirement is a good idea . . . they'll say you are nuts. In fact, you ARE NOT EVEN ALLOWED TO INVEST ON MARGIN IN IRA & 401(k) ACCOUNTS.

So, can someone please explain to me why they think that Bush's social security plan (that is effectively investing on margin) is a good idea?

I am not at all against investing retirement money into the stock market. Like many people, I have thousands of dollars investment for retirement in 401(k) and IRA accounts. But I am against borrowing money to invest in the stock market for retirement. That is just stupid.

OK, time for the kicker . . . Bill Clinton proposed investing social security surplus money into the stock market. But Republicans voted it down. Why? It seems like they wanted to take the money away from the people and then when the people had no money to invest, now they want to force the people to borrow money to invest.


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