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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Neo-cons, you had your chance . . . but this war is over.

Lawrence Lindsey of the Bush administration gave an 'upper bound' estimate of $100 to $200 billion for the Iraq war . . . and he got fired for making such a 'high' estimate. The preferred numbers were $50 to $60 billion. Well, we have spent 10 times that amount and more than twice Lindsey's "upper bound" estimate.

The war has entered its fifth year . . . thus, it has gone on for longer than World War 1 or World War 2. And there is no end in sight. Some say it will take another 10 to 12 years. Rumsfeld doubted the war would take 6 months.

Forget it. You had you chance . . . and you blew it. Your poorly thought out war has been a complete disaster. Your poorly planned war based on nonexistent WMDs that was poorly executed has become a complete quagmire. It is time to leave. We have accomplished all our goals (Regime change & secured the non-existent WMDs). If the Iraqis want a constitutional democracy, they'll have to fight for it themselves . . . we've given them more than plenty of chances to have one.

What is your last excuse for this pathetic war ?. . . "If we leave, then it could become a terrorist haven." Basically, that excuse is "We totally screwed the place up and it may become worse than when we invaded, so let us stay and fix it." Forget it . . . there is little reason to believe that you can fix it and plenty of reasons to believe that you will continue to fail. If we leave and Iraq becomes a terrorist haven then we can always re-invade. We are very good at invading. Leave a ton of troops in Kuwait & Kurdistan for that purpose. But we just cannot hold a country that is filled with people that hate us. So why even try? You naive "welcome us with flowers and sweets" and "they'll build a monument to George Bush" fantasies have failed.

Stop with the lame reasoning. If you want to stay there for oil then say it. We can then have that discussion. But you have run out of reasons to continue this war and you have had more than an ample opportunity to fight the war. Forget it . . . . It is over.