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Friday, April 01, 2005

Terri Schiavo bitch-slapped Tom DeLay

Tom Delay has been suffering through all sorts of ethics problems. And the word is that he could get indicted in Texas any day now. And then there was the recent disclosure about donations from foreigners and Indian tribes to pay for his recent trips.

But then, Terri Schiavo is 'delivered as a gift from God' to Tom DeLay. (His own words.) So Tom DeLay decides to use Terri Schiavo to spew about this 'culture of life' issue in order to distract attention from his many ethical failures (or is it just plain corruption?) and solidify his conservative support. So Tom DeLay gets up on the soapbox and starts screaming about how liberals are killers and all that crap . . . but it all backfired on him.

1) The GOP memo talking about how the Schiavo tragedy was a 'great political issue' surfaced in the press.
2) Then Tom DeLay gets recorded during a private speech with Christian conservatives wherein he talked about how 'God delivered terri schiavo' to them.
3) Polls come out showing that even conservative Republicans were angered with the Congressional activism into this judicial decision concerning a private family medical matter.
4) A story breaks out that in 1988, Tom DeLay himself decided that his father should be allowed to die. That's right, he decided that his own father's medical chart should say 'do not ressuccitate'. And the decided not to allow them to use dialysis on his father.
5) And the story about Tom DeLay's father discloses even more hypocrisy . . . after his father's death, Tom DeLay participated in lawsuit against a company that made bearings that his father used in a home-built tram system that caused his father's injuries. Yep, one of these 'tort reform' proponents participated in his own (meritless?) lawsuit against a corporation that happened to make a part in some home-made tram system that failed.

That was poetic justice at its finest.


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