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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Amazing rationalization abilities of the right-wing

The American right-wing has a huge ability to rationalize things. They are able to see things the way they want to see things and not how they really are. And when Americans joined in that irrational exuberance, they were able run wild with their foolish policies. But willful-delusions have a nasty time when they run up against reality. And that is what we have been seeing in the last year or two.

Anyway, I just want to list a number of amazingly pathetic right-wing rationalizations. Some have smacked into reality lately. Others have not fully faced their reckoning yet. But the most scary thing is that many people continue to believe discredited right-wing fantasys. And even the people that will admit the fantasys that have been de-bunked continue to believe in the other fantasys despite the fact they are pushed by the same ideological losers.

Right-wing fantasy: Iraq has WMDs. Saddam is an evil dictator and they wanted to believe that he had WMDs. So they sought out and believed every shred of evidence that supported that conclusion (no matter how little credibility such evidence had).
Reality meeting: Yes, the Iraq Survey Group debunked this fantasy.
Right wingers continue to believe: The ISG proof doesn't stop plenty of right-wingers from believing that we found WMDs. Others insist on conspiracy theories like they were shipped to Syria.

Right-wing fantasy: Iraq had substantive ties with Al-Qeada. They wanted to believe Saddam & Iraq had ties to the people the committed 9/11 . . . so they sought out and believed every shred of evidence that supported that conclusion (no matter how little credibility such evidence had). Dick Cheney was one of the worst proponents of this fiction
Reality meeting: The Senate Intelligence committee released a report that de-bunked all of this crap.
Right wingers continue to believe: Even after the FBI debunked the Mohammad Atta & Iraq connection in Prague, Dick Cheney kept pushing that bit of fiction. Most right-wingers are completely ignorant of that Senate Intelligence report. IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH (for right-wingers)

Right-wing fantasy: "We will be greeted as liberators".
Reality meeting: This war has continued for four years now and US soldiers continue to die.
Right wingers continue to believe: Many continue to believe. Others resort to re-writing history and saying that they never claimed such things.

Right-wing fantasy: Tax cuts are the cure-all for the economy and raise revenues.
Reality: Reagan cut taxes & ran up massive deficits. A Clinton tax hike wiped out the deficits and did not cause a recession as predicted. Bush cut taxes and has run up even more massive deficits. We currently have permanent structural deficits despite the constantly repeated right-wing fiction of 'cutting taxes raises revenues'. Well, if revenues have gone up so much, we surely don't have any deficits then, right? WRONG.
Right-wingers continue to believe: Most of them continue to believe this crap. Occasionally, some of them will face reality as Paul O'Neill did (and was then summarily pushed out of the Bush administration.)

Right-wing fantasy: Global Warming is some left-wing conspiracy
Reality meeting: Only slight. Although just about every reputable scientist has come to the conclusion that climate change is happening and humans are causing it, it is difficult to prove this completely. As a result, I believe that it will take a 1 foot rise in sea levels before right wingers believe.

Many people will believe what they want to believe . . . and to those people, facts are nothing but 'the opinion of the liberal media'.

And now, time for me to offend some people . . . what is at the heart of this phenomenon? Psychology. IMHO, the brain constructed with weird quirks that drive us toward such irrational and illogical conclusions. Why? Well, as conscious beings we are all fully aware that we will all die eventually. Absolutely nothing will stop that reality. And that depressing final disposition could paralyze us if we really thought about it too much. So we don't. We create elaborate rationalizations, delusions, and fictions about death. The most common delusion is that we won't really die . . . we will continue to live in an 'after-life'. It is a great delusion since it turns an awful thing (death) into a good thing (a whole new life). Just about every human civilization has independently come up with their own variant of this delusion. Whether it is going to heaven with Jesus, going to heaven with Mohammad, being reincarnated, or being transported to some spaceship as those Heaven's Gate people believed, most religions promise an after-life. It is something that our brains are hard-wired to believe. So, it should come to no surprise that the right-wing that is very prone to religious delusions is very good at coming up with other rationalizations and delusions.

OK, let the flames begin.


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