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Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Surge

In a fit of sheer vanity, President Bush has thrown a "Hail Mary" in attempts to salvage the disaster known as the Iraq war. Against the will of American military commanders, the American people, and the Iraqi people; Bush has decided to send additional troops to Iraq in a last ditch attempt to stabilize Iraq. Will it work? Maybe . . . but not likely. Bush simply does not understand Iraq. Iraqis have spent the majority of their lives living in sympathy of their Palestinian Arab brethren living under the occupation of Westerners. And now they find themselves in the same situation. Yet Bush thinks they will quit resisting because a few more occupation troops show up? Bush is just clueless.

Bush mentioned Al-Qeada ten times in his speech. Who does he think he is fooling? The vast majority of the violence is Sunni v. Shiia or Iraqi v. occupier. Al-Qeada is nothing but a bit player . . . . but Bush plays them up since they are the 9/11 boogie-man.

For the sake of the American troops in Iraq, I hope that I am wrong and that Bush is right. But that seems like a long shot. When has he gotten ANYTHING about Iraq right?

This situation is just so sad.


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